🔥 4 criteria to choose Play To Earn games (P.2) 🔥

Following part 1, we will analyze the next two factors that should be considered to make a decision to choose a P2E game:

✨ ​​Clear Roadmap

A good Play to Earn game must have a clear and reasonable roadmap. The common point of these scam games is that their future roadmap is too vague. A development path that is right for the game shows that developers are passionate. Everyone should practice watching the game’s roadmap to understand the game they are playing and make an appropriate investment plan.

✨ Gameplay

Gameplay is the last but also important factor. As a Play to Earn game, it must first be an entertaining game. If you just click and make money, that game will soon collapse because it has no value to attract players. To distinguish which Play to Earn game has good gameplay is very easy, you should try it and find it interesting. But you should not be too strict because due to technological limitations, games operating on Blockchain cannot have gameplay as good as traditional games.

🎯 In short, the most important thing is still your experience. Consider carefully!

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Akrasin is a 3D play-to-earn MMORPG game in which unique #NFTs represent characters and items on Binance Smart Chain (#BSC) and Solana blockchains.