Following the explosion of Blockchain, GameFi and NFT in recent years, monetizing NFT is also gradually becoming popular. So specifically, how to make money from this field? ⬇

Playing games to earn NFTs and Tokens
With the NFT game, you have two ways to earn money: one is to play to receive NFT — an in-game items for sale, and the other is to play to earn game tokens then convert them to cash.

Minting and selling NFT
The act of creating a new NFT is called “Minting”. Anyone has the right to mint an NFT because the nature of Blockchain is decentralized and free. You can completely mint a new NFT without anyone stopping you.

Speculating and trading valuable NFT
Right now is just the dawn of NFT industry. Everything about NFT is still very new, and NFT price is still quite low. Many NFT speculators with very small capital became millionaires in just a few months of working.

💪 Have you ever created your own NFT or profited from an NFT?

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Akrasin is a 3D play-to-earn MMORPG game in which unique #NFTs represent characters and items on Binance Smart Chain (#BSC) and Solana blockchains.